Steel Team s.r.o.

We are a company focused on sales of metallurgical material. We commenced our business activity on the market in May 2016. Our goal is to bring to the customers more than a common trade company does.

We offer mutual confidence, fair business relations, high level of services and highly qualified consulting assistance.

Company facts:

  • Company established in 2014 as “Majster Market”
  • In May 2016, company renamed to “Steel Team, s.r.o.”, with its main focus on sale of flat steel products
  • An agency also in Czech Republic allows to provide tailor-made comprehensive solutions in both countries

We are important suppliers also for those companies in Slovak and Czech Republic

KEREX Michalovce


PPS Detva


Business model

As a leading feature of our business model is the partnership with the client, built on five basic pillars. We update each of those pillars on the fly and therefore we are able to fulfil our mission – improvement of our client’s competitiveness.

Our business model is also related to our three sales models: sales of services and of production, direct sales of stock and sales from the warehouse. In case of specific requirements, the customer can make use of one or more of those channels, depending on his actual needs.

5 pillars of our work:

  • Development of relations with the client
  • Best purchase = direct sale
  • Optimized storage
  • Competitive services – sales, production
  • Reinforcing customer’s competitiveness

Business concept

Steel Team is a business company offering effective distribution of steel, stainless steel and aluminium for our customers in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Thereby we save time, costs and capital of our clients and we assist them at fortification of their competitiveness on the market.

Our vision

Steel Team aims to become a professional, successful and recognized business company.

Our mission

Steel Team must improve the competitiveness of its customers.

Our values

Steel Team has a business culture built on sound principles and business ethics. This is based on five essential principles, which we use as a guide in our everyday’s work. These values concern the way how we behave to one another, to the customers, suppliers and other business partners we come into contact with.

  1. By understanding the client, we want to contribute to the success of our clients
  2. Result: We are cost-effective and together we create results for our customers and for ourselves
  3. Responsibility: we keep our promises
  4. Action: we offer solutions and support creativity
  5. Openness: we are open to new customer projects, our communication is simple and clear

Quality policy

Steel Team s.r.o. actively works on quality improvement since the company has been established. At our everyday’s work, we use internal Quality policy, so that the customer gets what we call “the right quality” and we guarantee to each and any of the Steel Team s.r.o. Customers that:

  • We will be a long-term and reliable partner
  • Our products will always fulfil the requirements and expectations of the customer
  • Our employees will always fulfil the requirements and expectations of the customers by correct approach from the very beginning
  • All employees must exert maximum effort to fulfil those requirements and expectations.
  • We will keep on working on improvement of the system of quality

Work related to environment

According to our position as steel seller and also in the field of transport, it is necessary for Steel Team s.r.o. To be able to help at decreasing the impact on our environment. Besides that, we incessantly work on improvement of consumption of energy, emissions and waste management.

Environmental policy

Environmental policy represents the basis of our work for the environment. We update it continuously. It was developed for our employees to understand and come closer to the ways how they can decrease the impact on environment at their everyday’s work. In the policy of environmental preservation it is stated, besides others, that we will adhere to the following:

  • Documentation and acquainting our employees with our work in the sphere of protection of environment and providing objective information to external interested parties
  • Economy of our energy consumption and natural resources
  • The aim to continual improvement and prevention of negative impact on environment.
    The situation of environment is evaluated on-the-fly by measurements and audits
  • Effort to decrease the extent of waste and emissions
  • Identification and support of the possibilities of adjustments in favour of environment while adopting changes in processes and equipment
  • Keeping high level of informedness regarding environmental issue by continuous education
  • Documentation and acquainting our employees with our work in the sphere of protection of environment and providing objective information to external interested parties
  • Maintaining sufficient preparedness for resolving ecological accidents and unintentionally caused environmental emissions

Safety and health protection at work (OSH)

Specification for considering safety and health protection at work settles the requirements for the system of management of Safety and health protection at work (OSH)

so that it allows the organization to manage the risks associated with OSH and to improve its own performance. The means invested into implementation and certification of an effective system of management of safety at work lead to limitation of occurrence of occupational diseases and injuries at work, to minimization of costs associated with accidents at the workplace and to limitation of probability of sanctions for breaching the legal regulations regarding safety and health protection at work.