STEEL TEAM s.r.o. – the service provider at the portal commits himself to adherence to the rules of treatment of the ordering parties and visitors listed below.

We value your privacy. To be able to offer you valuable services, we need to know some of your data. We protect your data against misuse and we guarantee you that we will never grant them to any third-party subject. Your contact information and information regarding your orders. Those data may be accessed exclusively by the provider and his contracting intermediary in terms of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

By using the website, the customer or visitor declares that he agrees, in terms of the respective provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection as amended, that the seller processes and keeps his personal data, especially those listed below, and/or those necessary for the activity of the seller, and that he processes those in all his information systems. The seller commits himself that he will handle and treat the personal data of the ordering party in compliance with the present legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. The purchaser grants to the seller this approval for the time period of one year. The purchaser can disaffirm his approval with processing of his personal data anytime in a written form.

Data granted by the ordering party are inevitable for processing and executing of an order, issuing an invoice and further actions according to the trade terms. If the ordering party does not grant the necessary data, the provider has the right to cancel the order. At ordering, the ordering party binds himself to provide true information. Statement of untrue information is in contradiction to general trade terms.

The contractual parties agreed that, if the ordering party is a physical entity, he is obliged to provide the seller with the following information:

Name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, permanent residence, personal ID.

By sending a request for sending the news by e-mail, the ordering party expresses approval with sending news on the activities, offers and bonus actions of the provider without prior request of the ordering party for sending such messages, for the period of one year.

The rights of the ordering party as an aggrieved person are further stipulated in the Law on Personal Data Protection as amended.


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What are cookies?

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How to use cookies

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